How to disable a security boot?


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Secure Boot or secure boot is a mode that Windows brings, and that prevents the execution of any unsigned or certified software at system startup. This is intended to prevent malware or unreliable applications from loading when you start your computer.

  • Press the key combination: Windows + R

  • A pop-up window will open in which to write: msinfo32 and click ok.

  • A Windows Will open, in which you can verify if the secure boot is enabled or disabled.

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  • Click on start, and restart the PC.

  • Configure the PC to disable the secure boot, for this we need to enter the bios (depending on the brand of the pc, press the keyboard, for acer: F2, asus: esc or F2, compaq: F10, dell: F2, hp: F10, lenovo: F1 or F2, toshiba: F1 or ESC). once in the bios, go to the security section and select secure boot.

    configure to disble the secure boot
  • Here select disable.

    select here disable
  • Go to the save & exit section, select save changes and exit and click on yes, the PC will automatically restart, it may take a few minutes.

    verify if exit correctly guide
  • Once the reboot is finished, verify if everything exit correctly, press Windows + R, and write msinfo32. and you will see that the secure boot was disabled.